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Top 5 Japanese Romance Drama to Watch 2019

We all love the Japanese love comedy series, they never fail to make us laugh, love and cry out loud from time to time. Let's see what are the top 5 dramas of 2019 on our list! 凪のお暇 Nagi no oitoma - Nagi's Long Vacation 凪 (なぎ) nagi (Noun): 1. calm (at sea); lull. 2. name. 暇...


Do I Have to Learn Chinese Characters?

Most of my students would say a big "NO" to learning Chinese characters (汉字 han zi) when they first try to pick up the language, for reasons as simple as "they look scarily complicated". After a while, they'd realise it's almost impossible to decipher the language without knowing the characters,...


5 Tips on How to Learn a Foreign Language Effectively

Learning Tip 1 - Be sure that you know the culture first. People tend to overlook the difference between cultures when learning a new language. For example, western culture is more liberal and open, so you use words with strong emotions such as “love” “wonderful” “amazing” and people often...