A Message From Us

Audrey Huang

Welcome to Janus Academy!

I’m Audrey - the principal and founder of the school.

Language learning has been a subject ever since the beginning of our civilisation and many methods have been created in the past centuries, but don’t be fooled by the history or popularity of a particular method.

We are an innovative language school that aims to help people of all ages to learn languages as a living, breathing organism that it is, not merely as an academic subject. With the help of modern technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet, our method will help you to LIVE with the Language and Speak from Day One.

Why did I start this school immediately after my graduation?

It all started from my “accidental learning” of Japanese during my university years. I picked up Japanese and reached near-native level by watching Japanese shows and converse with native friends, just like when kids are learning their native language – they don’t only learn inside the classroom, but also LIVE with the language.

Comparing with my long-haul learning journey of English – a traditional way of studying a foreign language as a school subject that started off from vocabularies and grammar, my “accidental learning” of Japanese took much shorter time for me to reach fluency (JLPT N1) and the learning journey is actually enjoyable. Grammar and rules are NOT a pre-requisite for you to understand or converse fluently, they even impedes your ability to speak at the beginning.

This is why I decided to make a difference in foreign language learning, to help more people to realise their real potential in learning a new language with minimum stress and frustration.

From my past teaching experience, some people failed to pick up the language not because of their learning ability but due to their negative mindset. Just like what I told the majority of my students, the first thing you need to do before learning any languages is to believe in yourself, that you can speak like a native even when you have long passed the so-called “Language Acquisition Golden Age of 5-7 Years Old”. Trust me, your language ability is “inbuilt”, you just need the right method and right amount of effort to “install” it properly.

With us, learning is not just about the end result, the process will be actually enjoyable too. :)